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Welcome to the Land of the Losers, the story of every man who has been told he’s just too nice to date anyone, too kind to be a romantic partner, and too wonderful to …

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Lakota creation: Jicarilla Apache emergence: Navajo emergence: Changing Woman (Navajo) The Voice, the Flood and the Turtle (Caddo)

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Shiksa (Yiddish: שיקסע ‎, translit. shikse) is an often disparaging term for a non-Jewish woman or teen. The word, which is of Yiddish origin, has moved into English usage (as well as Polish and German), mostly in North American Jewish culture, as According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it came into English usage in the late 19th

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Woman claims she lost weight and had multiple orgasms after letting LEECHES suck her blood all over her body – even in her mouth. Alex Bogatyriova swears by hirudology, or leech therapy, for her wellbeing

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I just returned from getting married in the Dominican Republic. Nothing unusual about that BUT, my new wife is certainly unusual when you compare her to an American woman.

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The Patasola or “one foot” is one of many myths in South American folklore about female monsters from the jungle, appearing to male hunters or loggers in the middle of the wilderness when they think about women.

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