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Barnacle defined and explained with descriptions. Barnacle is a small crustacean that attaches itself to marine objects such as rocks, and boats.

The Guinness World Record for longest penis among birds belongs to the Argentine Lake Duck. The scientifically dubbed Oxygura vittata is known to extend its corkscrew-shaped appendage to “lasso” females.

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As with any other bodily attribute, the length and girth of the penis can be highly variable between mammals of different species. In many mammals, the size of a flaccid penis is smaller than its erect size.

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A barnacle is a type of arthropod constituting the infraclass Cirripedia in the subphylum Crustacea, and is hence related to crabs and lobsters.Barnacles are exclusively marine, and tend to live in shallow and tidal waters, typically in erosive settings.

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The penis of a barnacle may reach up to eight to nine times its body size.

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Apr 30, 2007 · Ah, sex. Birds do it, bees do it. Wait a minute! How exactly do they do it? The mating rituals of some s are wonderfully bizarre. For example: did you know that some insects’ genitals explode during sex?

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