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Step aside apples and spinach. It’s time to celebrate the unsung vegetable: celery. Here are 11 super health benefits in just one stalk.

Crunchy, crispy celery is well known for being low in calories, but its health benefits go far beyond use as a diet food.

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Amish Religious Traditions. In every culture, special occasions are marked by ritual and tradition—the particular way a community celebrates an event.

Eating celery really DOES burn more calories than it contains Experiment shows eating celery burns up to double the calories it contains A man was fed raw celery and a celery smoothie, both worth 53 calories

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Celery. Celery is interesting vegetable and one of the main part of this juicing recipe for men. It’s been said that celery contains androstenone, a pheromone which is claimed to make women more attracted to you.

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The combination of roasted broccoli and apple is surprisingly delicious.

The health benefits of celery juice are many! Read all about the positive effects that celery juice can have on your life here!

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Celery is a nutritional powerhouse! Our celery juice cleanse recipes not only help to alkalize the body, but promote many other health benefits.

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Agreed, which is why I wrote this article so that people can understand where the name definitions come from. You and I know celery, spinach, broccoli, lettuce (I think) are all sources of nitrates/nitrites.