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The Russian Orthodox Church has a thousand-year history of strong political as well as spiritual influence over the inhabitants of the Russian state. After enduring the Soviet era as a state-controlled religious facade, the church quickly regained both membership and political influence in the early

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Curtis Holt is a bronze medal Olympic athlete and a former employee of Palmer Technologies who worked alongside then-CEO Felicity Smoak in …

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Curtis is an international law firm with attorneys specializing in all areas of law including international arbitration, real estate, mergers & acquisitions, and business law.

Curtis Jonathan Hussey (born July 22, 1981) is an American professional wrestler.He is currently signed to WWE on the WWE Raw brand, where he performs under the ring name Fandango.

Death of Stephen Curtis in helicopter crash near Bournemouth Airport could be re-examined as part of new probe into ‘Russian links’

Lyrics and inspiration. The song “Cinderella” was written by Steven Curtis Chapman one night after bathing his two est teens – Stevey Joy and Maria Sue – …

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Russia continues to deny that a Russian missile with Russian serial numbers fired from a Russian launcher photographed in Russia could possibly have anything to do with Russia

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The recent revelations by the whistleblower Edward Snowden were fascinating. But they – and all the reactions to them – had one enormous assumption at their heart. That the spies know what they are doing. It is a belief that has been central to much of the journalism about spying and spies over the

Rep. W. Curtis Thomas, serving the 181st Legislative District.