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Power Rangers is the name of a meta-franchise series, chronicling the adventures of the Power Rangers. The concept is based on the Super Sentai series of shows, however, is not an English dub of the original, but rather a new production with English-speaking actors spliced in with the original

One of the most iconic and beloved franchises in American television, Power Rangers is a long-running live action ren’s action series composed of original footage spliced with Stock Footage from its Japanese counterpart, Super Sentai.

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The first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first aired on Fox s from August 28, 1993 to May 23, 1994. Although it was a ren’s series, it became an iconic part of 1990s pop culture.

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Power Rangers is an American entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live action superhero television series. Produced first by Saban Entertainment, later by BVS Entertainment, and today by SCG Power Rangers, the television series takes much of its footage from the Japanese tokusatsu Super Sentai, produced by Toei …

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Unlike Furbies, Polly Pockets, and Tamagotchis (so many fond memories! #tbt), there’s one bestselling toy of Christmas past that’s still going strong decades later. Power Rangers were the most popular toy to give for Christmas in 1994, and even now they’re still highly in demand.

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Most valuable toy: 14K Gold Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Megazord ($1,000) Original price: $5-$50 Selling for now: $1-$400 The 14K Gold Lost Galaxy Megazord is by far the most valuable Power Rangers toy right now.

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Welcome to the home of the coolest Power Rangers toys! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the American adaptation of the Japanese television show Super Sentai. However, the series has taken on a life of its own!

Saban’s Power Rangers, simply known as Power Rangers, is a 2017 American superhero film based on the franchise of the same name, directed by Dean Israelite and written by John Gatins.

T here was some really big news for the Power Rangers this week, and now one former Blue Ranger is looking to capitalize. David Yost, who starred in 1993’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as Billy the Blue Ranger and now works as a TV producer, is up to produce a reunion film starring his original co-stars.

Harness the power of the original rangers with the Power Rangers Legacy Mighty Morphin Movie Die Cast Coin Set. Each coin has been masterfully replicated in quality diecast materials so you can relive the most epic moments from the 90’s film!

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