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Online course to learn Russian for free, with audio, dialogues and basic grammar. In this lesson you will learn your first Russian words.

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At the Halifax International Security Forum on November 19, Eric Schmidt announced that Google will alter its search algorithm to “de-rank” results from Russia Today. Why did Google do this? Perhaps they were concerned about Russia meddling in American elections or they thought their customers

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The Russian Language course programme consists of language classes, a cultural programme (optional) and an additional study tour to St Petersburg, Russia (optional).. It is a well-established fact that the best way to learn a foreign language is to visit a country where it is spoken.

Why is the Mad Russian unlike any other? It’s our history, our view and our beautiful course that Golf Digest writers voted as the most unusual named golf course …

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For more than eighty years, New York’s defining cultural moments have taken place at The Russian Tea Room. It still captures modernist Russian …

Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips. Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn languages to fluency and beyond!

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The oft-unacknowledged truth is that the Russian Navy is a lot more operational now than it has been in many years.

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Russia, of course, has a history of appearing stable until it isn’t—of looking stolidly immobile, until bunt, that strong Russian word for explosive rebellion, erupts.

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I hear this question all the time, “Why Russian women want to leave Russia?” Another popular question is, “Why Russian women want to marry American men?” Or “Why Russian women want to marry Australian men”, or “Why Russian women want to marry English men” etc, etc. HERE IS THE REAL ASNWER