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CHLOE Ferry has revealed she is having a boob job after an uplift left her with horror scars. The Geordie Shore star took to Snapchat to post an emotional video back in September last year where she admitted going under the knife after being trolled over her “saggy” breasts. Chloe, 22, cried as she

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When Linda Kelsey saw recent pictures of Katie Price showing that her breasts are riven with scars, she felt thoroughly vindicated in her campaign against breast enhancements.

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48 REASONS NOT TO GET A BOOB JOB: [Warning: nudity below.And it ain’t pretty. ] [If you don’t like adult language or you want censored pictures, go here for the AOL Special Edition version of this page.

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery report has been since about 10 years ago. However, it is still a magnet for people. Ivanka may have breast implants & nose job.

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CHLOE Ferry showed off the results of her boob job in a racy Instagram selfie. The Geordie Shore star pouted towards the camera in sexy red lingerie, with a flower filter, showing fans the result of her recent surgery.

“I want to show everyone that it’s ok to live without a boob or two. It wasn’t my choice to follow this path but I did choose to make the most of what I have and to get on with life.”

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The British women, who are part of the Love Disfigure campaign, explained how they don’t want to hide their scars anymore. They included Love Disfigure founder Sylvia Mac.

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