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Someone has confidence that they will win the fight. They will taunt the enemy with something like “Come on! Bring it to me!” before unleashing their most …

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Aug 25, 2016 · Earlier this week, Business Insider released an article written by Christian Lowe entitled “6 weapons the US military should bring back from the dead“ with a very self-evident, but interesting premise. However, the weapons (all firearms, oddly) that the article outlines are very poor choices, so

“Replacing tractors with s does not mean going back to the middle ages, nor does it exclude heavy machinery, high yields or high-tech”

bring (brĭng) tr.v. brought (brôt), bring·ing, brings 1. To carry, convey, lead, or cause to go along to another place: brought enough money with me. 2. To carry as an

Just who is the Pompous Ass you may ask? This dear little fellow, named “Sir Jackson,” has a waited many years for his creators to bring him to life.

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Apr 25, 2016 · Just when you thought music piracy was dead and buried it comes roaring back as alive as ever. The reason? Exclusives by Kanye West, Beyonce and Prince on Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal. These exclusives have been great for Tidal, as they have helped it to jump more than 100 places on the App

A few days ago I was driving through a grocery store parking lot, when my forward progress was interrupted and I was forced to sit and wait for yet another shitpouch to back his car into a parking space.

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Has your teen ever wrecked your car, trashed your apartment, fucked your friend – and never paid you back? My four teens were all total fuckups so I can seriously relate to having teens that trash your shit and then have no way o

Supernatural “Bring ‘em Back Alive” was written by the team of Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming and was directed by Amyn Kaderali. The episode sees a pretty satisfying return of Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr) and a terrific surprise return of Felicia Day as Charlie – not “our” Charlie, but it was fantastic to have Day back on the

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Jun 10, 2017 · Amber Rose bushwhacked Instagram’s no-nudity policy and got the photo removed, but it still lives on as does her campaign to “bring back the bush.” Amber pushed IG’s boundaries late Friday night by posting a bottomless pic of herself and it was deleted within 2 hours. It didn’t matter

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