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See our selection of Rope including Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Cotton, Manila. Choose from any configuration including Twisted or Braided Rope.!

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A double braid consists of two single braids – one inside the other. This type of rope is muc h stronger than a single braid and does not lie flat. It is available in a variety of materials including polypropylene, nylon, and polyester.

Novabraid’s Kevlar or Nomex fire resistant rope is the trusted solution for a variety of high heat applications including hot air balloon control lines.

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Ideal for making pet harnesses, belts and more, our nylon webbing is safe and durable. Shop for durable 2-inch wide flat nylon webbing at Strapworks.

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Floating rope from Novabraid is specially designed for use in marine applications including cork lines for fishing nets, tow lines, and water rescue lines.

Knots. There are thousands of knots for all kinds of rope work. One stage, many ropes and knots are used. There are a handful of knots every stagehand should know which will cover the vast majority of needs.

Rope Assemblies Ltd, a main supplier of Bespoke Wire Rope Assemblies, Fibre Rope Assemblies, Fittings and Fixings have been supplying Stage and Rigging Equipment, PPE and Climbing Equipment, Lifting Equipment, Marquee Wires, Architectural and Bracing Wires, Lashings, Door Wires (including Garage Door Wires and Lorry Door …

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Eye & Eye nylon lifting slings can be used in choker, vertical or basket hitches. They are MADE IN THE USA with quality and strength in mind.

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